0B1 Kn0B
OB Picture

Character Information
Player James
Career Soldier
Specialization Commando
Duty Combat Superiority
Obligation Jedi Code
Rank None
Species Droid
Height 7'
Age Unknown
Hair Colour None
Skin Tone Chrome
Homeworld Unknown
Player Intro
James Intro

Bio Edit

0B1 KN0B was found on an asteroid by Dolo Industries during an excavation. He had been deactivated and had received a large dent in the side of his head. His unusual make and model made the Dolo family curious about him and had him sent to Pol'dee Dolo who reactivated him.

0B's memories had become corrupted over time and all that was left was a series of odd sounding quotations he uses. Pol'dee decided to reprogram 0B, making him into a bodyguard/helper for Gar Dolo, adding in an unshakable loyalty to the Dolo family.

0B himself is curious to find more information about where he came from and understand the memories he has left of his past while untangling his new programming from his original files. His best clues are the enigmatic phrases he often says and his designation: Jedi Training Droid

In Episode 15, 0B is given 2 minions for support: 2 ball droids named B2 and B3. In Episode 16, B2 is killed in action.

In Episode 22, 0B's memories are starting to return, and he remembers a star map that might answer questions he has about the Jedi. 0B is assigned to Cass's new Havok Squad.