Davic Oulat
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Character Information
Player Andrew
Career Technician
Specialization Mechanic
Duty Tech Procurement
Obligation Debt
Rank Lieutenant
Species Duros
Height 5' 9"
Weight 179lbs
Age 18
Hair Colour N/A
Skin Tone Blue
Homeworld Duros
Player Intro
Andrew Intro

Description: Edit

Standing 1.8 meters with a wirey build, Davic’s physique reflects someone who doesn’t focus too much on appearance. His passion is engineering and mechanics and his appearance reflects as much. His fingers seem permanently stained from endlessly tinkering inside any piece of tech he can get his hands on. His eyes hold an interesting mixture of both perpetual weariness and focused curiosity. His light blue skin holds a few scars here and there, most notably his left shoulder where a swoop bike’s maneuvering fin clipped him during a hurried repair job on the track.

The kind of person to find comfort by holding onto the familiar, he seems to always be wearing a well-worn but extremely durable-looking pair of mechanic’s overalls. Unless he’s bunkering down for a serious repair job, he typically wears the top half of the overalls tied around his waist. The other permanent fixture on his person is his tool kit. Long since modified from a factory spec kit, Dav is never without it and seems to tinker with it as much as he does anything else; always on the lookout for upgraded tools to add to his small, efficient collection.

In Episode 14, Davic is given a promotion and obtains the rank of Lieutenant.

In Episode 15, Davic is given 2 minions for support: an Astro-Mech named R2-EK0 and a Twi'lek soldier named Spannum.

In Episode 16, Davic is given 2 minions for support: R2-EK0, who has been painted in Imperial colours, and an unnamed Rebel dressed as a Stormtrooper. The unnamed Rebel is killed in Episode 21.

In Episode 22, Davic is assigned to Cass's new Havok Squad.

Background Info Edit

From the files of "Jodo Kast":

"***audio file begins***"

This bounty should be an easy gun, stun, and collect some. You shouldn’t have any problems on that end. Listen to this briefing though, you have so no goes and sensitive targets. Your target is Jad Oulat, a.k.a. Jad Lakbret. The contract is fulfilled, dead or alive. There is a 15% bonus if you drop him at the contractor’s feet in carbonite. The contractor is Haar’brt Dolo. We did the standard background, the credits are good, but this is where the sensitive target information was discovered.

Background is as follows. Lakbret and his brother are a couple of Duro swoop racers. His brother Davic, the engineer, and Lakbret the driver. I have attached encrypted files with bios on both. The brothers were struggling in swoop until they got picked up by a bigger outfit, Shark Extreme Sports. But, get this, it’s a division of Dolo Industries. I know, you’re thinking another of Till’s messes, right? Only sort of.

S.E.S. is head by Till’s nephew Yuur’gaan. One of the Dolo sons. He’s doing okay for himself, but he starts talking with his cousin, Haar’brt. There’s a name you should know. ***inaudible*** Anyways. These rich kids start comparing profit margins, and wouldn’t you know it, Haar’brt is making a killing. Eventually he lets his cousin in on the secret, he’s fixing races.

Anyways. You know about the imperial crackdown on swoop racers, right? I have attached a few news clips to jog your memory. Imperial BS about rebels and swoop. The important thing here is that the Imp presence has really heated the numbers on alien racers. There’s no bad alien drivers left on the circuit. So Lakbret’s long to lose. They fix a race, and then use a substitution rule to bring in a ringer. All by the numbers. Anyways, apparently Lakbret knows the sub, and refuses to take a dive. Not only does he qualify and place. The loca peedunky actually wins.

Should have been over right there, but one of the Dolo sons cuts the other Oulat brother a deal to sweep this thing under the rug. They end up on a passenger service we know to be a rebel smuggling front. The Dolo sons are walking away from this thing, but Haar’brt is pissed. The very next race he fixed, the racer punked out too. Can’t really run numbers if no one is afraid of you, am I right? Of course. The other racer is another contract. Haar’brt is on the war path. I suppose I can’t complain too much. That megalomaniac’s ego is our job security.

Oh, umm, ending transmission

"***audio file ends***"