Diet'lam Dolo
Character Information
Position Head of Dolo Industries
Allegiance Unaligned
Species Human

Switches effortlessly between the psychology of a hardened colonel, a businessman from Cornet, and the rancher he later became. He runs House Dolo the same way he ran his classified battalion, with an eye for outcomes. Never the drill sergeant sort, he doesn’t seek to rebuild or remake his sons. Instead, he understands that each of his sons can be used to further House Dolo in different ways.

Diet'lam has 12 sons, 20 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.


Episode 6 - Arrival on Corellia

Episode 11 - Betrayal

In Episode 11, Diet'lam reveals that the Imperial Security Bureau had contacted him prior to the party's arrival on Corellia, aware that Prince Valin was with them. He sent Gar and the rest of the party on a mission to Duro to have them off planet when the Imperials arrived to take Valin into custody. After transferring complete ownership of the Platinum Mynock to Davic and paying the crew for their mission, Diet'lam orders Gar to flee the Corellian Sector to save himself from further persecution.

Dolo Family Tree Edit