Gar Dolo
Gar profileclip

Character Information
Player Aland
Career Technician/Colonist
Specialization Mechanic/Politico
Duty Industry
Obligation Family
Rank Senior Lieutenant
Species Human
Height 6'1
Weight 215-230 lbs
Age 27
Hair Colour Dark
Skin Tone Tan
Homeworld Corellia
Player Intro
Aland Intro

He is typically seen with at least one of three things: a rifle over his shoulder, a tool belt about his hips, or a drink in his hands. His characteristic swagger and brash manners draw attention to these objects. His very stances shouts ‘Look at mah guuun,’ ‘I’m a dang mechanic!,’ or ‘y’all r too sober.’


With a heart, hands, and hubris as big as all of Corellia he plows through life much the same way his family’s mining transports of planetoid debris plow through hyperspace lanes. Born into a family as it crossed the threshold from industrial tycoon to planetary plutocrat, his world view is somewhat skewed. While intelligent and capable, his brash manners and wealthy upbringing have insulated him against the ramifications of his actions. His stubborn streak makes him a loyal and prized ally, while simultaneously making him — at best — a rancor in a glass factory or — at worse — a liability.

In Episode 13, it is said that although Gar holds the rank of Lieutenant, he in fact does not know what his own rank is.

In Episode 14, Gar is promoted to Senior Lieutenant, although he is still ignorant of this fact. He is also stated to be Cass's 2IC.

In Episode 22, Gar is assigned toCass's new Havok Squad.

Dolo Family Tree Edit