Kierson Waycoit
Character Information
Position Unknown
Allegiance Unknown
Species Human

Born on Chandrila, Kier is the son of Lexx and Hestir Waycoit and the brother of Cassia Waycoit. Like his sister, he is short in stature and fair haired and blue eyed. Kier is a skilled pilot and a relatively gifted marksman. He left home in secret 5 years before the Battle of Yavin and has not been heard from since.


Episode 8 - Investigations - Played by Andrew

Episode 9 - Lockdown - Played by Andrew

Kier is an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau, and a member of Task Force Spectre. He works for Agent Vakaren, who met Kier on Nar Shaddaa 3 years before the start of the story.

In Episode 9, Kier discovers that Cass is one of the Rebels his team is currently hunting for, and informs the rest of his team of this fact.