Character Information
Position Captain
Allegiance Rebel Alliance
Species Mon Calamari

Niathal is a former trainer in the flight academy and as such trained Cass Waycoit and Jad Lakbret albeit in different classes. She is Mon Calamari, and is slender with purple and orange skin. She is said to be a bit of a history buff.


Episode 13 - Shore Leave

Episode 16 - Boarding Party

Episode 17 - Infiltration

Episode 16

Niathal commands the carrier ship Provenance during the attack on the ISB corvette Spectre.

Episode 17

Niathal continues to command the ship Provenance as part of the second wave of attacks on Mustafar during the mission to rescue Prince Valin.

Episode 22

After a wave of promotions and reorganization within the Rebellion, Niathol is promoted to Captain and she is put in charge of the Defiance, a Nebulon B Frigit that is part of the new Salvation Squadron.