O'luf Dolo
Character Information
Position Finance
Allegiance Unaligned
Species Human

Born into the lap of luxury O’luf has never want for anything. His concept of strife and challenge has been passed onto him from parents and siblings. Educated by private tutors on the ranch he still had chores but had a relatively easy lifestyle.

O'luf is the fourth son of Diet'lam and Shar'lotte Dolo. He and his wife Mah’guh’da have three daughters, Shar’lotte Dolo (7), Door’a Dolo (5), and Nuh’deen Dolo (3), and a son, Oo’dahn Dolo (6).

O'luf is very much involved with the financials of Dolo Industries.


Episode 7 - Dinner with the Dolos

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