Oskaar Dolo
Character Information
Position Head Ranch Hand on Dolo Ranch
Allegiance Unaligned
Species Human

Oskaar (Kuuk’il) Dolo is ten years the junior of his husband, Fal’not Dolo. Oskaar was one of the early ranch hands on the Dolo ranch. Very much a foil to his husband’s careful demeanor, he is a passionate loud bear of a man. As Shar’lotte gets older he has become more of a fixture of the core personality of Dolo ranch. While Fal’not’s reserved attitude keeps a distance from Shar’lotte, Oskaar has very much become his ‘mammy’s favourite son.’

He has two daughters, Shar'lotte (Lotti) Dolo and Burh'thell (Bertti) Dolo (wife of Igg'nah'teus Metsa), and 15 grandchildren.


Episode 6 - Arrival on Corellia

Dolo Family Tree Edit