Prince Valin Dendup
Valin season 2

Character Information
Position Prince of Onderon
Allegiance Neutral (Rebel Leaning)
Species Human

Prince Valin Dendup is the son of King Jerithol Dendup and the heir to the throne of Onderon. He is in his 20s. 


Episode 5 - Jailbreak

Episode 6 - Arrival on Corellia

Episode 7 - Dinner with the Dolos

Episode 10 - Corellian Night Life

Episode 11 - Betrayal

Episode 19 - Fire and Brimstone

Episode 20 - Blast Furnace

Episode 21 - Meltdown

Episode 22 - Aftershocks

Episode 2

After his father was murdered, Valin was arrested and charged with the murder of his father. He was scheduled to be executed the next day. Although Raccum Dendup has assumed the throne, Valin is the legal ruler of Onderon.

Episode 5

Valin was broken out of the dungeons under Dendup Castle and taken away to Corellia on the Platinum Mynock.

Episode 6

Gar reminds Valin that he is a ruler in exile, and this motivates Valin to talk to 0B about training him to lead a rebellion to take back Onderon. Diet’lam incorrectly refers to Valin being 18 years old.

Episode 11

Valin and Cass Waycoit begin a romantic relationship. During a training session with 0B-1 , Valin is revealed to be Force Sensitive. At the end of Episode 11 Valin is sold out by Diet'lam Dolo and turned over to the Empire.

Episode 13

Valin is said to be alive in Imperial custody on Coruscant.

Episode 15

It is found out that Valin was picked up by the Inquisitorius, a shadowy group of imperial agents, and moved to the volcanic prison world of Mustafar.

Episode 18

It is discovered that Valin has been held on Mustafar for approximately 7 days, that he is being held in cell B-313, and that when he arrived on Mustafar he was assigned for re-education.

Episode 19

Valin is located on Mustafar kneeling at the feet of Inquisitor Avernus.

Episode 20

Valin and Inquisitor Avernus engage in a lightsaber battle on Mustafar.

Episode 21/Episode 22

Valin is rescued from Mustafar and returned to the Rebel Alliance, where he officially pledges his loyalty. He is assigned to Cass's Havok Squad.