Raxus Dendup
Character Information
Position Onderonian Nobility
Allegiance Unaligned (Imperial leaning)
Species Human

Raxus Dendup is third in line to rule Onderon after his brother King Jerithol Dendup and his nephew Prince Valin Dendup. He has black hair, olive skin, a Van Dyke beard, and has a pot belly and weasel-like features. He tends to favour expensive clothing.


Episode 8 - Investigations

Episode 9 - Lockdown

After the assassination of King Dendup and the arrest of Prince Valin Dendup, Raxus installed himself as King of Onderon. After an intense interrigation by Agents Vakaren and Tainer, Raxus is revealed to be nothing more than a figurehead ruler and puppet of the Empire.

When first mentioned, he is referred to by PCs as Raccum Dendup.