Rhen'atte Dolo
Character Information
Position Pilot/Racer
Allegiance Neutral
Species Human

The eldest daughter of Elias and Ker’sten (Stora) Dolo, Rhen’atte is now 18. She is 5'8', has dark skin and hair that changes colour, and is covered in tattoos. She lives in Coronet City and tries to hide her Dolo accent. She is very close with her uncle, Gar Dolo. When Gar found out she was gay at age 16, they began hitting bars together. They would often speeder race into town, with the last driver at the valet designated as the victor's wing man.


Episode 7 - Dinner with the Dolos

Episode 10 - Corellian Night Life

Episode 11 - Betrayal

Dolo Family Tree Edit