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What is the Rogue's Alliance?

The Rogue's Alliance is a podcast of the edited recordings of a group of friends playing Role Playing games. We're playing Star Wars: Age of Rebellion


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Player Characters (Click Here)

The Platinum Mynock

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Rebel Alliance:

 Horizon Base

The Solar Flare

 Onderon Base
Mon Cala/Dac

The Galactic Empire:

 Task Force Spectre






Families of PCs

 House Dolo/Dolo Industries



Latest Episode

Episode 22 - Aftershocks (Download)

Synopsis (Click Here)

The team splits up to deal with the emotional stress of the last mission. Valin spends time in the med bay recovering before he takes an offer from Gar to have a boxing match to let off some steam and work through some things that they have trouble talking about. Cass's mind goes to her brother Kier and his betrayal while Davik, 0B and Vek make sure to offer support to Valin. Gar works on a "gift" for Vek that Vek doesn't take well but stays silent on why he doesn't appreciate it.


Jamie - GM

Aland - Gar Dolo, Human Mechanic/Politico

Brit - Cass Waycoit, Human Gunner/Squadron Leader

Jason - Vek Tilma , Human Hired Gun Demolitionist

Andrew - Davic Oulat , Duros Mechanic

James - 0B1 KNOB, Droid Soldier

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