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What is the Rogue's Alliance?

The Rogue's Alliance is a podcast of the edited recordings of a group of friends playing Role Playing games.


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Heir to the Rebellion

Join the crew of Cassia Waycoit and her band of rebels as they travel around the galaxy fighting bad guys!

Source Book: Star Wars - Age of Rebellion

Season 1 Season 2


2 Episode random crazy amnesia time!

Season 1

Source Book: Star Wars - Edge of the Empire


Latest Episode

Episode 21 - Meltdown (Download)

Old Cyke
0B1 fights the Inquisitor alone, leaving Gar and Cass to deal with the two Royal Guards. Davik sends out a coded message over the PA system as his terminal melts. Vek attempts to cross the rickety, damaged catwalk above the roiling mass of rioting prisoners and guards. Jad holds the line back at the ship as he commands a group of soldiers fighting against guards. After the Inquisitor is defeated, everyone meets back up and joins a short space battle before finally leaving Mustafar.


Jamie - GM

Aland - Gar Dolo, Human Mechanic/Politico

Brit - Cass Waycoit, Human Gunner/Squadron Leader

Jason - Vek Tilma , Human Hired Gun Demolitionist

Andrew - Davic Oulat , Duros Mechanic

James - 0B1 KNOB, Droid Soldier

The source of the map we used:

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