Shar'lotte Dolo
Character Information
Position Matriarch of Dolo family
Allegiance Unaligned
Species Human

Shar’lotte (Pledesin) Dolo is the daughter of a Corellian rancher and a Coruscanti diplomat. She has always grown up with access to her father’s expense accounts, but felt very guilty about this. She married Diet’lam when she was 16, and he was 29. The, then, Captain Dolo attended her debut high society presentation. She fell madly in love with the military officer whose twang mirrored her mother’s family. She has homeschooled many of her children and worked hard to justify her feelings of entitlement. While Dolo Industries became an extension of Diet’lam’s power Dolo Ranch became an extension of her work ethic. While many have speculated that Diet’lam married her for access to her father’s connections to the senate, she seems to have stayed out of the politics of legacy building.

Together, Diet'lam and Shar'lotte have 7 sons, 18 grandchildren, and 14 grandchildren.


Episode 6 - Arrival on Corellia

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