The triplets: A’bo; Ch’rt; and Pol’dee were created to be genetically perfect copies of Diet’lam. This sounds contradictory, but not more so than the mandate of the biotech company of the Dolo family, Corellian Life Sciences. This company is a hot bed of Dolo political-familial intrigue. The triplets were part of a prototype batch of clones, a standard calibration process for large scale biological replication. When he became aware of the full horrors of a large scale cloning project Diet’lam shut down the project, and saved what fetuses he could. These three surviving fetus, saved by cybernetics, occupy a special place in Diet’lam’s heart. These three boys, each sterile, are cared for by personal servants.


Episode 6 - Arrival on Corellia (A'bo only)

Episode 11 - Betrayal (Ch'rt and Pol'dee only)

Dolo Family Tree Edit