Vek Tilma
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Character Information
Player Jason
Career Hired Gun
Specialization Demolitionist
Duty Tech Procurement
Obligation Addiction: Pyromania
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Height 5'3"
Weight 140 lbs
Age 22
Hair Colour None
Skin Tone Dark
Homeworld Corellia
Player Intro
Jason Intro

Vek's demeanor of both wanting to please and hide under a rock simultaneously permeate everything about his appearance. Depending on if he's currently helping out and feeling useful or whether he's ashamed of himself he goes back and forth between bolt straight posture with his face up showing a smile or hunched over constantly counting the number of clasps on his boots.

He has a large diagonal scar above his right eye which is a reminder that if he's going to be planning to blow something up, make sure he knows what materials are going to be used. He also has a soul patch on his chin which is the only hair on his head.

He wears a burnt orange utility jumpsuit with a brown belted vest which has pockets for his grenades and his trusty pocket knife. At his hip he carries a light blaster pistol in a holster.

Bio Edit

Vek Tilma grew up on Corellia, part of a poor family running a scrapyard. He was always getting in trouble due to his unfortunate pyromania affliction and the fact that his "friends" would always egg him on to keep doing it.

After being tricked into blowing something up by Juur'gaan Dolo and being arrested for it, he was given a job by Oskaar Dolo, who felt bad that Vek had been fallen victim to one of Juur'gen's pranks.

Vek worked on the Dolo ranch under Gar Dolo for the next few years doing demolitions work on the ground and some work on the orbital Dolo Industries dolomite gun until they joined the Rebel Alliance together.

In Episode 13, Vek learned that his family had been moved to a safe house in order to keep them safe from the rising Imperial presence on Corellia.

In Episode 14, Vek is given a promotion and obtains the rank of Lieutenant.

In Episode 15, Vek is given 2 minions for support: a Zabrak Heavy named Zane and a Mon Cala Technician named Thalbin.

In Episode 18, Vek acquires an Emperor's Royal Guard TIE Interceptor.

In Episode 22, Vek learns of the death of his uncle Phinneas, the black sheep of the family, and learns that has has inherited a ship. Vek is assigned to Cass's new Havok Squad.

Background InfoEdit

Vek would be as surprised as anybody to find that this time it wasn't his fault. As the smoke cleared and his brain started working again he remembered a time that there were colours other than red and brown. This conclusion led him to realize that his right eye, the one that decided to open at all, needed to be cleaned immediately. Vek slowly sat up and reached into his vest, pulling out a wet coated cloth that he usually used to clean explosive residue off his hands so his parents wouldn't ground him again.

Rem, the short fat kid that was always running his mouth, slowly came into view. Vek could tell from the way his jaw was moving that he was probably yelling but that loud ringing sound drowned him out completely. It was nice to finally not have to listen to him talking about this cool blue flash that came from an overcharged capacitor he pulled from a wrecked speeder that his dad kept in the back.

He was lying of course but Vek already knew that. Rem, above all else, was an idiot and couldn't tell a T-16 from a X-34. The problem was that Vek didn't know what that steel and brass tube with all the yellow markings actually was but he did know that if you shook it the whole thing would warm up and a spark would come out of one side. That was enough to at least keep his mind occupied trying to think of what it could do instead of listening to Rem talking on and on about his stupid dad and that stupid speeder that wasn't even there.

Slowly the scene was coming back to him. There was a place behind Oscar's yard that nobody went to anymore. That would be the best place to do it because it had been paved over since fire. Nobody would be around except the two of them and between the warehouse and the old tool shop the light or noise wouldn't travel far. Those parts were Vek's idea of course, like Rem would think of stuff like that.

The plan was to meet there at night and Rem would show him how it worked. He had done it before though so he needed to bring an old fuel cell that he'd need to wire up to the capacitor to recharge it. All they had to do was refill the capacitor then give it just enough extra boost that if you tap it on the top with a metal rod it would make that cool blue flash.

Blue flash....

Vek was still trying to piece together what had gone wrong when he saw Rem disappear into an alley as the loud ringing sound started to fade into more of a siren. Tucking the cloth back into his vest, Vek decided that even though he'd love to be able to take a better look at that 1 foot diameter blast crater that had burnt straight through the concrete lot (or at least take a better look at the fragmentation that came off of whatever that thing was), he needed to get out of here before CorSec showed up. He couldn't blame Rem for running when he did; if anything Vek was impressed that he finally showed some sense.

It was going to be a long night but, honestly, Vek could think of worse ways of celebrating his 12th birthday.